Welcome to the Wellspring!

Why is this blog about a wellspring?

Throughout the Bible, God calls himself the source of “Living Water” and Jesus said that whoever believes in him will have living water that flows up from within. When I study the Bible, it feels as if I’m drawing from that wellspring of living water for myself and others. If I don’t do it, I become dry and parched, but if I do, I have plenty to share with everyone. If you want to refresh yourself, you are invited to drink of my latest thoughts here, at the wellspring of my thinking.

I’ve been fascinated with the idea that some how teaching about the Scriptures relates to the idea of water flowing. Of course, Living Water is often related to the Holy Spirit, and God speaks of himself as the “spring of living water.” (Jer. 2:13) Why? Because he is the source of life, and in that desert land, water is extremely necessary for life. Many rabbis have pointed out the connection between God’s word and Living Water and added their wise thoughts (read more here).

So this morning, I was fascinated by seeing that the Hebrew word for “well” is be’er (beh-AIR), and the same word as a verb that means “to explain” or “clarify.” The connection is likely coincidental, but I enjoy the poetic linkage between them. That is another reason why I call this blog my “wellspring.”

Another reason is that a little over six years ago, after a lot of rainstorms, all of a sudden a lot of water started coming my basement from underground. I had to install a sump pump because now I have a constant flow of “living water” downstairs which must be pumped out. (Even in winter, you can see the water that is pumped out brings life to the grass in the middle of the snow. See the picture.)

At the same time as that happened, I had been studying the idea of “living water,” and thought it was fascinating that my basement office sits right on top of a source of living water. For the first several years of En-Gedi’s ministry, its main office was right there, although now it is over at Bruce’s business. Now that I am writing and teaching independently, my office returns to that original place, at the source of Living Water.9:42 am pst

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