Passover Discovery #1 – The Moon is Watching

It is interesting how many insights on the Bible we can discover just through personal experience, once you become curious and observant.

I’ve known for a long time that the Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar, and that the month begins on the new moon. But it wasn’t until a lot later that I made the simple observation that you can always tell the date of the month (approximately) by just looking at the phase of the moon. I live in cloudy Michigan where you can’t see the moon that often, but in Israel, you can see it most of the time.

After a while of looking at the moon every night, I also realized that started to seem like a clock or a sundial to me – each night you look up and its a little different, and you know that time is slipping by. What the sun’s movement does to show passage of the hour, the moon does to show the passage of the days.

On Passover the moon is always full, because it falls on the 14th of the month.

Since I’ve discovered that, it has always put me in a meditative mood.

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