Kaire from Jerusalem

I’m now two weeks into my Greek course in Israel, and finally get a chance to write. I’m staying at a lovely retreat center outside of Jerusalem at Kibbutz Tzuba (see this link). There are about 15 students in my Greek course, and 18-20 students in the beginning Hebrew and Intermediate Hebrew courses, which I’ve taken before. I’m the only student in my class who has never studied Greek before, but I’m doing alright. The course is fun but difficult – it soars right along, and students are supposed to pick up lots of new vocabulary each day.

What is wonderful is that within only a few days of the beginning of the class, we were reading New Testament texts. We’ve acted out the parables of Jesus, including the story of the woman who has loses one of her ten coins, and the one about the man who holds a banquet and everyone has an excuse not to come. (The picture at left is of the joyful woman finding her coin.) It is amazing to understand the story in the original language so quickly.

We are memorizing the Lord’s Prayer in Greek this week. Next week we’ll be going to Caesarea to read Greek inscriptions there.

You can read all about this unique course at the http://www.biblicalulpan.org/ website.

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