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Hi friends –

I’m glad for all who keep checking my blog and I apologize for the lack of posts. If you’re wondering what’s going on with me, I’m buried deep in writing on the book project that is due May 1. And also, my father died a couple weeks ago. He was 87 and had health problems, and he was a strong Christian who wanted to go home to be with Christ, so I’m at peace with that. But you can imagine that family matters took up a lot of precious time.

And since I’m one who tends to push off writing until the deadline, now I’m really pressed. I’m actually doing A LOT of writing right now, so I just don’t have energy to do much more for the blog. So your prayers for writing would be great.

For those of you who are itching for something good to read, I just thought I’d tell you about one of my very favorite books. (Go to the bookstore at www.egrc.net for the first books on Hebraic studies that I’d suggest.)

jewish-values.jpgThe book that I can’t recommend highly enough is The Book of Jewish Values: A Day-by-Day Guide to Ethical Living by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin. It has incredibly insightful, profound daily articles about how to live the way God wants you to, according to Jewish thinking. A person is supposed to read it each day and once a week, over Shabbat dinner most likely, discuss it with family and friends.

I actually did this -met with some friends over coffee and discussed it each week, and we were utterly transformed by our conversations about its approach to life. Really. It’s little stories would get us all choked up (“verklemp”) and every week we’d say “Wow, that was brilliant.” We found over time that our entire attitude to life changed.

Here are some of my favorite chapters – you’ll have to get the book to read what they’re about!

Find Excuses for Behavior that Seems Unkind
Don’t “Steal” Another Person’s Mind
When, If Ever, Is it Permitted to Lie? (There are actually 3 reasons.)
Feed Your Animals Before Yourself
Teach your Child that what Matters Most to God is Goodness
Learn Even from Those Whom You Disagree

I should say that it really does look at life from a Jewish perspective, and sometimes it talks about why it disagrees with the Christian way of looking at things. I don’t always agree, but its way of looking at things is very fresh and insightful, and helps me think about why I believe what I do.

Here’s a link to buy it at Amazon. It lists for $29.95 but you can get it there for $19.77 + shipping. Or, buy it used for about $10 there too. You won’t regret it.

That will hold you over while I get my other writing done.

Blessings – Lois

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